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A Soldier's View from the Ground Up

   Kimberly Dwight

    ISBN: 978-0-9868323-0-7


Afghanistan - the book Afghanistan - a country of extreme poverty, of tribal warfare, of unique culture. A country which has suffered invaders since Alexander the Great. A place where the armies of the free world have been embroiled in an unwinable war against terrorism; have been involved in assisting the Afghans to establish a secure stable environment.

This book is not written by a journalist looking for the story to make their career nor by a politician keen to show himself as wise to the voting populace. It is written by a career soldier of the Canadian Military who served, in a support role, in the current military action. 200 pages of facts, photos, knowledge and opinion.

In the words of the author "Having deployed to Afghanistan I had the privilege of working with the UN agencies, Non-Government Agencies and some International agencies that were attempting to assist in the redevelopment of the country. This book is my opinion of just how little has been achieved over what could have been."

This book is insightful as to the Afghan people and their way of life and is an eye-opener for all.


A great insight and a great value at $20.00 CAD
(plus $6.00 s&h in Canada; $8.00 to USA)







Thoughts Garnered on My Masonic Journey

   Hugh Young

    ISBN: 978-0-98117-808-0


My Book, My Opinion! After more than 40 years of being an active Freemason, the author has put his thoughts about Freemasonry down in black and white.

His knowledge and understanding of the Craft shines throughout this book and while you may agree or disagree with some parts, it will make you think about aspects of Freemasonry that perhaps you prefer not to think about.


Those who have previewed the book often make the statement that they agree with most things in the book BUT... at which point the author reminds them of the title of the book "My Book! My Opinion!"


A book worth the reading by Officers, Past Masters, in fact, by anyone who has an interest in the on-going and future welfare of his Lodge.


$19.95 CAD
(plus $4.00 s&h in Canada; $6.00 to USA)


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